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Here you will find information on collections of H.D.'s works. You can search the National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections (NUCMC) to locate items relating to H.D.; items listed in NUCMC may not be listed here. The (See also H.D.'s Friends and Associates for information on other collections of interest that may also contain materials by H.D.)
The H.D. Papers at Yale University: For information on the availability of the archive, write or call the Curator of the Yale Collection of American Literature. The following links may be of interest:
The H.D. Papers Finding Aid (at Yale); Notes on folder contents contributed by researchers

The Yale University Finding Aid Database (Searchable)
The Guide to the Beinecke Library Collection of American Literature
The Beinecke Library Home Page
The Beinecke Library on Flickr, which includes one of H.D.'s scrapbooks
The POOL Films (including Borderline): POOL, a publishing enterprise and production company, was formed by Bryher and Robert Macpherson, in 1926. H.D. was a partner in this enterprise as well as appearing in the films. The only extant film is Borderline (1930); only fragments survive of Wing Beat (1927) and Foothills (1929). (H.D. was in all three, and Bryher was in Borderline.)
Renting or purchasing Borderline on DVD:
Borderline is available in the set Paul Robeson: Portraits of an Artist,
a four disc boxed set put out by Criterion.

Viewing the fragments or Borderline (Film):
16mm fragments of Wing Beat, Foothills, and "Macpherson material," and the complete film Borderline may be viewed at the Museum of Modern Art Film Study Center, 11 West 53rd Street, New York, NY 10019. (Contact Charles Silver.)

Renting or Purchasing Borderline (Film, U.S.):
Borderline is available for both rental and purchase from the Museum of Modern Art Circulating Film Library, 11 W. 53rd Street, New York, NY, 10019. (Contact Marilyn Mancino.) They have two circulating 16mm prints which rent for $125 plus shipping. You can purchase a print for $750.

Renting or Purchasing Borderline (Film, Britain):
The British Film Institute, Film and Video Distribution Department, 21 Stephen Street, London W1P 1PC (Tel. 0171 255 1444) also arranges rental and purchase of Borderline.

Information about Borderline on the web:
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