An H.D. Companion

Here you will find some multimedia links that readers of H.D.'s works may enjoy. Please also see Online Resources of interest to H.D.'s Readers.
Bethlehem, Penn., H.D.'s birthplace: There is a blue sign near the site where H.D. was born at 10 E. Church St. reading, "Hilda Doolittle (H.D.). The renowned poet was born here on Sep 10, 1886; died in Zurich, Sep 27, 1961. H.D. sought the Hellenic spirit and a classic beauty of expression. She is buried in nearby Nisky Hill Cemetary. 'O, give me burning blue.'" There is a lesson online on historic Moravian Bethlehem created by the National Park Service.

Bethlehem, Penn., Nisky Hill Cemetery, H.D.'s grave: Photos have been uploaded to and Adam Richter wrote a nice article about the seashells people leave behind in the Sunday, September 28, 2008 issue of the Express-Times published in Easton, Penn. The blog entry about the article also has a nice photo.

Kenwin: Kenwin, a film directed by Véronique Goël. (English/German, Geneva, Switzerland, August 1996.)

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