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Beauty. [An article by H.D. on Greta Garbo.] In, Michigan Quarterly Review, Winter 1996, v.35, no.1, p.251(8).

Between History and Poetry: the Letters of H.D. and Norman Holmes Pearson, edited by Donna Krolik Hollenberg. Iowa City, IA : University of Iowa Press, 1997. 0-87745-595-3 (acid-free paper).

By Avon River, introduced by Susan Friedman. This edition is being published by Patricia Walsh, of the Black Swan Press (tel. 203-938-9548). Lara Vetter's new edition will come out from the University of Florida Press in spring 2014.

Close Up (Periodical): Please see the entry under Bryher, H.D.'s Friends & Associates

Ear-Ring (short story). In, Tate, Trudi, ed. Women, Men, and the Great War. Manchester UP, St. Martin's Press, 1995.

The Gift by H.D., the Complete Text. Edited and annotated by Jane Augustine. Gainesville, Fla. : University Press of Florida. (See Charlotte Mandel's review from English Literature in Transition 1880-1920)

Kora and Ka, and MiraMare with an introduction by Robert Spoo. New Directions, Bibelot Series, NDP818. $7.00 in the U.S., $7.99 in Canada. ISBN: 081121317X.

The text is a photo-reproduction of the 1934 printing by Maurice Darantiere of Dijon, and contains a "Note on the Text" section listing substantive changes H.D. would like to have seen in the text.

Audio:Helen in Egypt, read by H.D. The Writers' Center is offering an audiocassette recording of Helen in Egypt for sale; follow the links to "Store" and then "Tapes." ($11.95, Order No. C-1158). Recorded in Switzerland sometime between September and November 1955, it includes selections from Pallinode, Leuke, and Eidolon.

Audio:H.D. reading an excerpt from Helen in Egypt is included in Poetry speaks : hear great poets read their work from Tennyson to Plath (Book and 3 audio cds). Sourcebooks Trade, ISBN: 1570717206, 2001.

Narthex and other stories Edited with an Afterword by Michael Boughn, published by in November 2011, ISBN 1897388969 | 9781897388969

Pilate's wife,edited with introduction by Joan A. Burke (ISBN 0-8112-1433-8, June 2000) has been published by New Directions.

Audio:"Recordings of readings from her own works" are held by the National Sound Archive at the British Library.

Richard Aldington and H.D. : the later years in letters, edited with an introduction and commentary by Caroline Zilboorg. Manchester, UK and New York, Manchester Univ. Press (distributed exclusively in the U.S. and Canada by St. Martin's Press, New York), June 1995. ISBN: 0-7190-4570-3. Reviewed in TLS (Times Literary Supplement), Oct. 27, 1995, p.36.

The Sword Went Out to Sea: (Synthesis of a Dream), by Delia Alton [pseud. for H.D.], edited by Cynthia Hogue and Julie Vandivere.
Details: 336 pages, Cloth: $55.00, ISBN 13: 978-0-8130-3066-1, Pubdate: 9/16/2007, from the University Press of Florida
Reviewed in The Times Literary Supplement issue of February 15, 2008.

Trilogy, in a new edition with notes by Aliki Barnstone, useful for students and use in the classroom, is available from New Directions. (1998, ISBN: 0811213994)

Within the Walls. This edition is still available. (My sincere apologies for the erroneous report that it was sold out.) This group of H.D.'s early World War II pieces, was published in 1993 by Windhover Press in Iowa City with wood engravings by Dellas Henke.


Finnish: The anthology Kuu Kultainen Terälehti = Moon Golden Petal, published Oct. 6, 2008 by Otava Publishing Company (ISBN 978-951123007-6) includes three poems by H.D.: Oread, Lethe and Helen. The translator, Pertti Nieminen, is a poet himself. For futher information see the Otava website.

Italian: Trilogia = Trilogy / Marina Camboni. English text with Italian translation on opposing pages; prefatory material, commnetary and notes in Italian. Caltanissetta : S. Sciascia, 1993.

Also of interest is a bookmark containing a photo of H.D., available from:

Prints and Photographs Division
Library of Congress
c/o 9138 Pomegranate
Box 808022
Petaluma, CA 94975
ISBN: 1-56640-465-7

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