About the H.D. Pages

These pages are written and maintained as a volunteer effort by H. Hernandez, currently the Technical Services Librarian at the SF Maritime Library by day and H.D. fan by night. I was first intrigued by H.D. during my undergraduate seminars at U.C. Berkeley, and subscribed to the H.D. Newsletter after graduating. I was glad I kept up with the community of H.D. scholars, and joined the HDSOC-L list when it was created. One day, they asked, could anyone make us a website? And I'm delighted to help produce H.D.'s Web.

Your comments and suggestions are most welcome, and are invaluable in developing these pages. Periodically I search for other H.D. resources, and I've made links to every site I've found. If you know of resources I've missed, I'd very much appreciate your dropping me a message at hh@imagists.org

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